Monday, 5 September 2011

Hypothetically speaking...

So I was watching some Youtubers the other day and they proposed several hypothetical questions which I found both interesting and funny, so I thought I'd propose them to you too and get some feedback.

A) Would you be prepared to sacrifice 1cm of your penis length if it meant that you could summon any woman to sleep with? She could be at any stage during her life (e.g Britney Spears in her prime) and you could do it as many times as you like, bearing in mind that you have to sacrifice 1cm EVERY time.

I for one would choose Eva mendez as one of the women I'd summon. How about you?
(I'll post the other question later.)


  1. dont know if i have "the balls" to do that!

  2. 1 cm, i don't n. but Charlize Theron as the women :)

  3. I wouldn't because I'm happy with the woman I have =]


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