Sunday, 4 September 2011

If you're fat, wear a pregnancy dress.

 As you can tell by now... I like to rant. Sometimes I feel like I've got the mind of an old timer that gets pissed off with everything and constantly moans about how things 'used to be' haha. Anyways, more to the point of this post; fat people. In particular, fat girls. Ladies, if you're fat, obese or even wobbly, wear appropriate clothing. Unless you're a lover of BBW's (in other words deranged) you have to throw up at some of the things they wear. If you're a big girl, bin those leggings and skinny jeans and invest in some big clothing - if you're really big, try a 2 man tent, they're pretty cheap nowadays.

I just feel for the guys in America - no stereotyping intended because I know there are some seriously beautiful girls there too, it must be bad over there if it's already terrible in England.

The thing though, that I really don't understand is how this binge eating can be sustainable. It's often the less well-off families that have this problem and I cannot comprehend it. I would have thought that obesity is a 'disease' (it's not) that would be too expensive to maintain, what with growing unemployment etc.

Therefore, I've come up with a theory that explains this. Obesity and pregnancy rates amongst teens are rising. It's not because of a more relaxed lifestyle, PC's, games consoles etc... It's because these lard arse mothers are breeding and eating their children. I think that's the only possible explanation. Cannibalism and obesity go hand-in-hand. You heard it here first guys, soon it'll be an epidemic ;).

On a more serious note though. Hot girls, wear less clothing, I don't care if winter is on the horizon. Fat girls, consider investing in some outdoor camping equipment, cut holes for your arms and legs and use the entrance to wedge your gaping heads in. /rantover.


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