Monday, 26 September 2011

The return!

Heya guys! Sorry I haven't posted a blog for a week or two, I've been pretty busy with University! It's been freshers week and if I'm honest, fitting partying into the early hours and waking up in the double figures around attending introductory lectures has meant that I've had to put blogging on hold for a while, but do not fear, I'm back!

Here's a little story from my times up north. Northern England has a bit of a reputation as being rough and far poorer than the south. Therefore, I've made some observations:

1) Students are easy to distinguish, they're the only teens - early 20s who don't wear trackies and other 'chavvy' clothes. Therefore, this makes it easy to have a conversation with someone who is unlikely to use 'innit' and 'mate' ever half-sentance.

2) There are, however, still plenty of rough places, just like down south. For example, I walked past a pub with a sign in it that read:

"No baseball bats,
No gold clubs,
No children."

Which admittedly, did make me laugh a bit. However, the town centre is far more pleasant than the town I lived in before, which was located much closer to London.

Anyway, I'll be sure to update you with more stories and observations from the weird and wonderful place that is the North East of England. One story being the attack of the tranny, god help me.


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