Monday, 5 September 2011

You're not Rihanna...

This is me complaining about fat girls once again (ugly girls, you're included too.) DO NOT dye your hair red. It WILL NOT make you look like Rihanna and therefore, 'more beautiful.'

Plus, I don't even understand the fascination with her? I'm by no means interested in celebrity culture, in my opinion, most of them are air brushed, air headed fools anyway. But Rihanna, c'mon... What's attractive about her? I once sat through the misery - why? I don't quite know - of her being interviewed for some glamour magazine and it was painful. I think I'd have found more pleasure talking to a piece of cardboard. That's all she is, a glorified, darker (no pun intended) and stronger version of paper.


  1. hehe whats wrong with not so pretty girls trying to look better? i mean, imagine they wouldnt even care! they would even look worse then they normally do lol.
    and are u crazy? rihanna is so hawt!! :D just take a look at that pic u posted ^^

  2. You actually make a good point. Okay then, maybe we should round them all up and dedicate a country to them... somewhere like France. :p

  3. LOl ! funny post and o so true

  4. When riahnna career started, I liked her, but now she does not good.



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