Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mind.... Blown!

 (Sorry for the amount of pictures, but this is a pretty one.)

The Lamborghini Aventador has got to be one of my favourite cars of all time. Its styling, individuality and sheer power make it irresistable in my opinion. Here's some good news then, because recently there was a convertible version (The Lamborghini Aventador J) released at the Geneva Motor Show! Here's some info:

It's based onthe original Aventador, but with no roof the structural rigidity of the car had to be altered to that it maintained its 'sporty feel.' It's made of woven carbon fibres soaked with epoxy resin that apparently stabilises the structure but keeps the material soft.

Lamborghini have even gone so far to say that the materical is so diverse that they could make a clothing range out of it - now that would be something, your very own carbon fibre T-Shirt.. Haha.

Another thing, it's even supposed to have a faster 0-60mph time than the hard top dur to it being lighter. That means it'd be quicker than 2.9seconds! Anything more and it would be travelling out of orbit into outer-space.


  1. This car looks pretty good but convertibles are not really my type. Is there a covered version?

  2. This car is mind blowing, I would love to have it, even if it means that this will be my only car EVER :)

  3. This car is just Perfect.
    Lamborghinis > Ferraris

  4. Really nice supercar, i really want to have one day like this!! :/

  5. wow... there's an amazing Lamborghini right there...

  6. Wow love it !


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