Sunday, 1 April 2012

257.7mph Ford GT/ Strange Mech Warrior Thing?

Now then, whilst the paint job may be less than desirable, any 14 year old readers might appreciate it though, this Ford GT is very, very impressive.

"I think we can do better in the lower gears next time and we can run an even better speed," says Sean Kennedy, driver of the twin-turbo Hennessey-Powered Ford GT that has just set a new record at the Texas mile. That's right, he thinks he can better his already record-breaking time.

In today's money, Hennessey tells us that the car produces 2000hp - you did indeed read that correctly - with a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds. In the cool conditions of Sunday morning the Hennessey team managed to achieve a speed of 257.7mph.

The previous world record was set by Johnny Bohmer on 16 June last year in another modified Ford GT. He only managed 223.4mph, 34mph slower than the Hennessey!

Here is an awesome video I found which showcases its power. A very good watch in 1080p!
(Oh, and the car sounds AMAZING.)


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