Thursday, 26 April 2012

Honda; Blue Shift.

Today, seeing as I haven't posted in a while, I'll combine two of my favourite subject areas in to one post - Cars, and music. Here's a beautiful tune from Lemaitre - blue shift. Enjoy it as you view pictures of the fascinating new Honda NSX (Acura) which has been showcased at the official premier of the new Avengers movie, something which I cannot wait to see!

I think the new Honda looks absolutely amazing. Both sleek and stylish and so it should do, as it'll be another 3 years before its release. This then has allowed the designers to be as vague as the horizon on a misty day... There hasn't been any info on its power or engine size, but atleast we can be guaranteed that it will be a right beauty! One of the things that I personally like is that Honda have stated that it'll be a Hybrid, yet they'll also be bringing out a racing version. Way to contradict themselves there!

Anyway, here it is. Behold the beauty:


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