Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Social Networking and I.

Social networking - now that's a difficult topic.

I tend to deteste it, but like many others I can't help myself but use it. However, I would argue that I'm someone who uses it responsibly, not like one of these bone-idled losers who spend all day telling people something that NOBODY would normally care about. An example of this would be:

"Too many fucking dramas FFS!! Keep me out of it IDGAF AAAAH :@@@!!"
(Source: One ass I have added on Facebook.)

So yeah, whenever your feed on Twitter/Facebook is full of this kind of nonsense it can be soul destroying. However, Facebook has actually become useful for me now that I'm at university - it provides me the opportunity to complain about my lecturers - however I don't do it publicly like the example above!

Then there's the case of FAT GIRLS who constantly take pictures of themselves with Instagram because all of a sudden they're beauty goddesses and always seem to put the picture on some stupid angle because looking at them normally would blind you.

Anyway, I did intend for this post to be about informing you guys about my new Facebook page which can be found here - I'd appreciate it if you could 'Like' the page. I'll be sure to upload plenty of beautiful photo's like the one above and keep you all updated!


  1. Fat girl + duck face + mirror + good angle = not such a fat girl ;)

  2. The pic was great :p keep it coming


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